YES, WE ARE HIRING AN ACCOUNT MANAGER:  Pale Morning Media is seeking a full time public relations account manager to join our frequently friendly and occasionally hectic office in Waitsfield, Vermont. 

We're looking for somebody with at least 4-5 years of professional work experience, including related work in communications or journalism. That might mean a stint in radio, or print, or a scrappy local access TV show. It might also mean a few years in agency work, or an internal marketing role. In any case, the ideal candidate knows what it's like to work under deadline pressure, when to slow down and enjoy the creative process, and when to just put their heads down and break trail.

The ideal candidate is also somebody that enjoys working hard, playing harder, and recovering on company time (ROCT). They've got a thing for swag (how to get it and how to give it), and on most days, they're the kind of person that shows up early, busts their ass, drinks coffee like water, works late, and whistles while they're breaking down cardboard boxes in the storage room. They're psyched to dive into boring tasks and tactics, turning them into truly interesting results. And they're ready and eager for a career in the outdoor industry -- a national community of companies and individuals dedicated to getting more people outside, more often.

The right person for this job must be able to self-motivate and work independently, to multi-task in a highly organized and efficient manner, and to work within a team structure. Knowledge and interest in human-powered outdoor recreation trends, destinations and equipment are a damn big plus. This position may require travel and some very long days. 

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to No phone calls please.  Seriously. None.

-- Posted August 15, 2016.