Creative content, disciplined distribution

We’ve reached a whole new point.   It’s no longer about convincing consumers to go online and engage.  Now, it’s about meeting their expectation of what they’ll find there.

The transition of how companies support social media has changed as well.  What was once an afterthought has become a total commitment, with structured content and strategic decisions about matching a brand with the correct distribution platform.   New technologies are ubiquitous, powerful and at their fingertips ... and will undoubtedly continue to change.  

Regardless of new interfaces and sorting displays like Pinterest and Tumblr, the irony of social media is that the further things get from the original idea of ‘blogging’, the more they stay the same.  The original idea of a blog (“reverse chronological participatory web journalism”) was how it all started … with the newest news on top, and opportunities for public commenting and engagement throughout.   And that’s where things are continuing to head.  Blogging and all its offspring remains an extremely effective and efficient tool for building a brand, whether you’re making ice axes or using them at the summit of Everest.

“Pace” is the newest strategic consideration, as the social media world has  blissfully moved past the idea that sheer volume of visitation is the ultimate goal. Quality content at a revelant pace leads to engaged fans.   In other words, if you’re standing on a street corner yelling constantly, people will understandably tune you out.

The digital storytelling skills required for a meaningful SM program are naturally found within the physical walls of a PR agency.  Total brand comprehension and a structured communication calendar already exists, making the layering in of a social media program a comfortable and relatively straightforward process.

Pale Morning Media doesn’t have a “standard” approach to social media for our clients.  Every brand is different, with unique goals and needs as well owning a specific moment in the timeline of social media technology.

Some of our clients are supported by robust programs created and driven by our agency on multiple, integrated platforms.   Others have their own SM firms to provide the backbone, with Pale Morning Media providing complimentary content and strategy.   And some do it all themselves, receiving only strategic advice and suggestions from our team.

All of our clients, however, are included in regular conversations about the appropriateness and effectiveness of emerging technologies in a rapidly evolving social media landscape.

Media hasn’t changed. We’ve changed. We’re surrounded by screens, we expect all our media to be free, and we vastly prefer entertainment to news.