Headspin Outdoors


Everyone has a duality to their lives – an urban side where we live and work and a wild side that longs to be outdoors. This parallel between the urban and the wild is what drives our innovation

HeadSpin was founded by two ambitious and entrepreneurial brothers-in-law that share a deep-rooted calling to seek all forms of adventure. What was once a friendly face and fun conversation at family gatherings became a strong friendship that started in California years ago and converged in Dallas, TX. We hike, we camp, we ride, we hunt, we fish, we explore – we live! We have lived in small towns and big cities, traveled across continents and done some really awesome things along the way.

We soon realized that we were both consistently frustrated with the limited functionality of most portable lighting products on the market – so we set out to reimagine what portable lighting could be. The result of our efforts, along with our world-class partners and inspirational mentors, is a lighting system that is rugged enough for the outdoors, yet practical enough for everyday use.  We constantly use our products – not just to enable our outdoor pursuits, but in everyday tasks such as, working around the house or lighting our backyards for a BBQ. We find new applications all the time and are incredibly excited to see how you will use our products – both in the urban and the wild!