'Outdoor States' sits down with North Carolina outdoor industry advocate Noah Wilson

The latest episode of the Outdoor States podcast features Noah Wilson, one of Western North Carolina's leading outdoor recreation economy advocates, and a key player in the region's successful efforts to win a $1.8 million Appalachian Regional Commission/POWER grant, which will go toward expanding the outdoor industry and related jobs in the region.

Noah’s work in outdoor industry organizing began with a formative role in the creation of the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina, and will continue as one of the lead implementers of the broad-based initiatives funded by the ARC/POWER grant.

He’s also very tall.

LINK: Outdoor States podcast with Noah Wilson

State of Vermont Announces Relocation to Denver


Ending months of speculation, Vermont today announced plans to relocate the entire state to Denver, Colorado. Citing desires to be closer to the capital of the outdoor industry, to the heartbeat of the outdoor recreation economy, and to Sancho’s Broken Arrow bar menu, Vermont also acknowledged that personal reasons had contributed to the final decision. “My renovated farmhouse on 11 acres will be worth about $19 million on the Front Range,” said Vermont. “Needless to say, I’m pretty stoked about the move.”...


(A satirical look at the economic development race in the outdoor industry by Pale Morning Media founder, Drew Simmons)