The Pro Deal addiction


I remember the first time somebody told me about “pro forms.” While that first taste of “industry insider” discounts was so long ago that it was actually a piece of paper that you received from a valued contact, the modern practice has naturally become a high tech affair … you get a code, a link, and the world of discounting is at your feet.

Unfortunately, since that first pro form, I’ve also developed an affinity for the outdoor industry, for its long term health, and for its ongoing growth. Thanks to our work with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance over the last few years, I’ve recognized and embraced the reality that rampant discounting in the form of pro deals and “friends & family” discounts are a short term bliss with some significant long term negative effects.

And thanks to the invitation of SNEWS editor Kristin Hostetter, I wrote about the topic in this summer’s issue of “The Voice.” You can check it out here.

LINK: The VOICE (page 34, “Unfiltered”)